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Fashion is not all about the product.

It is also about creating something that engages people in the world in a different way.

It should come from within us and manifest our values.

The role of designers now enters a new dimension where we redefine the meaning of a good design and understand the responsibility of our decisions, as well as the societal implications of our work.

The real beauty needs to come through a deeper understanding.


We use only natural fibers to produce our garments.

If so happens that our garments end up in a landfill, they will biodegrade much faster than garments made with synthetic fibers.

When breaking down, natural fibers don’t release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere, as opposed to synthetic ones.

Synthetic fibers also release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, during the process of decomposition.

When a synthetic fabric is washed, hundreds of thousands of micro-plastics are released into the waste water systems, which contributes to the pollution of our ecosystems.


Fashion supply chain includes people, processes and resources that take part in the creation of fashion materials, garments and products. It’s a complex system that impacts both lives of people and the environment.

For us, fashion is not only about the aesthetics, ergonomics and fit, but also about the choice in terms of what a garment or accessory is made of, where the materials come from and how they are transformed into the clothes that we wear.

Each of these choices, in many ways, consumes resources in various parts of the world and creates our supply chain.

That is why our goal is to let sustainability shape our creativity and innovation.


Product and processing traceability system enables us to reconstruct the “history” of a product – the processes it has undergone, raw materials used in the production, suppliers involved in manufacturing, etc.

Materials we use are produced within a framework which guarantees quality, but at the same time adheres to the principles of environmental protection, health and safety standards, social responsibility and chemical risk management.

Our materials are Made in Italy.


Silk is produced from the cocoon of the silkworm and requires peculiar and complex handling and processing, which also makes it one of the most expensive fibers.

Silk will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and absorb most of excess moisture. Silk is also odor-insensitive, but most importantly, it gives a soft and soothing feel to the skin, next to no other fabric.

Our silk is produced at facilities that guarantee the employees are treated respectfully and fairly, as well as that the garments are produced to the highest standards of environmental safety, with special regard to minimizing waste and energy usage.


“God is in the detail” the old saying goes.

That is why our buttons are made from the finest natural materials, namely the real mother of pearl, an iridescent material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer.

Buttons are entirely made in Italy – from the raw material processing, to the stylistic conception, to the finished product, allowing the control of the entire production cycle and satisfying the most demanding requirements by entirely respecting the quality and the environment.


Following the material testing, we take several stages of prototyping to perfect the samples.

After that, we do fitting on different body shapes and ultimately finalize the cut.

The models then go into production where our small team of people reproduce them manually. At this stage, we control the quality of each piece and have complete control over production.

The process is long, but it ensures that each garment is made responsibly.


Think of clothes as something that’s a joy to keep.

Think about how you can change them and make them look different by the way you wear them.

Your clothes are how you interpret them. It’s all about your attitude and energy.

Love your clothes, buy less, buy better, cherish it, and never let them go to waste.

When you go to dry-cleaner, make sure to choose a service that is environmentally aware and avoids the use of harmful chemicals.